"My work is constantly evolving and multi-dimensional. It is primarily nonfunctional, although I do create a limited number of hand built and wheel thrown functional items. My main focus is sculptural, with clay as the primary material. Glass, metal and found wood are also incorporated in a number of my mixed media pieces. In terms of subject matter, my sculptures often include combinations of the following three elements: architectural details, organic forms and textures.

The architectural aspect of my work has ranged from single or multi house-like dwelling forms to individual construction elements such as I-beams and rebar. A variety of reproduced and invented architectural details are included in my work, all of which are created by using extruded and altered clay forms. Hand built organic forms and textures appear in my work and are frequently used in contrast with the hard edged architectural elements.

The mixed media aspect of my work often involves combining discarded construction materials and/or found wood with the above. Like the work created solely from clay, these pices range in size from tabletop sculptures measuring 12" to 14" in height, to large scale 5' to 7' high works. I also creat large and small scale mixed media and ceramic wall pieces.

Mikel has the following degrees:
MFA Ceramics, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
BFA University of Wisconsin-Ma

Fine Art by Mikel Kelley 437-7416